Auspicious, Vandaceous: Growing Vanda and Vandaceous Orchids

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You will be allured with the beauty and radiance of the Vandaceous orchids as you explore the business prospects of it. This course would include business opportunities and simple measure of profitability, the general characteristics and types of Vandaceous orchids, cultural management, propagation methods, pest and disease management, harvesting and postharvest handling technology. In case you want to specialize on orchid propagation such as embryo and tissue culture, there are private and government instutions that are willing to conduct a more intensive training for you.

This is a free on-line course intended for agricultural extension workers, farmers, rural women, youths, retirees, orchid hobbyists who are interested to grow Vanda in their backyard or in commercial scale. You will be awarded a certificate after completing all the requirements of this course.

The online Vanda Production is developed and maintained by ATI-RTC4a.

This course allows guest users to enter  

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