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PCC puts up Milka Krem branch at UPLB
by Ladylyn Jose - Friday, 11 March 2016, 03:06 PM
www.mb.com.ph: March 10, 2016

Nueva Ecija – The Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) will establish a Milka Krem branch in its regional center at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).

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milka krem logoDr. Arnel N. Del Barrio, PCC acting executive director, said that PCC Milka Krem at UPLB will showcase profitable dairy processing technologies and quality control protocols that can be adopted and commercialized by private entrepreneurs or the business sector.

The dairy outlet will offer deliciously fresh and health-promoting dairy products such as fresh milk, choco milk, coffee milk, fruit-flavored juices, white cheese, mozzarella, pastillas de leche, assorted flavors of yoghurt and yoghurt drink, and ice cream.

Supplies of milk will be sourced from the milk collection and processing plant and from assisted dairy cooperatives of PCC at UPLB.

The PCC put up the first Milka Krem here more than two years ago which serves as a market place for locally produced milk after being processed in the state-of the-art central milk collecting and processing facility in this city.

The PCC said that Milka Krem is an infrastructure support for dairy farmers. It is an avenue to empower small farmers that are provided with an opportunity to have an access to the commercial market for bigger income.

The raw milk that is processed every day comes from healthy animals that are well-managed and taken care of by small dairy farmers.

The PCC official said that these dairy animals are fed with naturally-grown forage and feeds that guarantee their sound diet essential for the production of fresh milk.

Prior to processing and packaging, the freshly harvested milk is pasteurized to preserve the high level of health-promoting substances such as anti-cancer properties naturally inherent in buffalo milk.

Buffalo milk is high in milk solids and protein content, making it very suitable for dairy product processing.

Milka Krem is strategically located along Maharlika Highway in this city. It stands just beside the PCC headquarters.

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