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Now Online: e-Learning Course on Goat Slaughtering and Cutting Standards
by Karl Louise Salibio - Wednesday, 23 March 2016, 11:40 AM
Goat 9This course deals with the requirement and procedures on slaughtering goat and the method of cutting the carcass. All practices presented are already approved as Philippine National Standard (PNS). Following the standard slaughtering procedures and carcass fabrication, it is guaranteed that the meat is safe for human consumption and marketed with a premium price. 

Meetylicious Meeh: Slaughtering and Cutting Standards for Goat (Goat 9) contains the standard slaughtering procedure, facilities required for slaughtering, and chevon prime cuts. It is developed by the Livestock Research Division of DOST-PCAARRD together with DA-ATI’s Information Services Division. 

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