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by Smith Leo - Sunday, 12 March 2023, 09:16 PM
White coffee is a unique blend that is comprised of light roasted coffees. The special roasting process retains ALL of the caffeine locked inside the beans. In addition to preserving all the caffeine, this special white coffee roast preserves many of the antioxidants and other essential organic compounds. Traditionally, white coffee is brewed as espresso, but it can also make very powerful drip coffee. The brewed coffee has a somewhat nutty flavor and looks like a dark green tea. It doesn't have bitterness like dark roasted coffees. It is extremely unique and most people blend it with juices or flavorings. The beans are EXTREMELY dense and require a special grinder to grind the beans. We only sell pre-ground white coffee for retail. We ONLY used certified organic coffees in our White Coffee. visit hare for more info American White Coffee
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