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by Arlene Dayo - Monday, 17 October 2011, 01:43 AM
MYRNA CONMIGO-ACAYEN was awarded as the 2011 Oustanding Rural Women last October 14, 2011. she is a sus. agri practitioner, a farmer-trainor of MASIPAG NGO on Diversified and Integrated Farming System and a member of the NFS farmer-trainor team together with Ms. Adelia Q. Magsino and Myrna Alemania. The team can do lectures and hands-on demo in the absence of the NFS trainor in the LGU of Goa (yours truly. . . he he he). I will continue developing farmer-trainor so that we will be able to reach farmers interested to adopt also the NFS, Sus. Agri, DIFS and other technologies being imparted to us by the ATI. Series of trainings / seminars and ffs on organic rice production will be conducted in Goa in partnership with the MASIPAG NGO and Farmers Organization engaged in Organic farming. 
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